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  • What’s the priority for 5G? Technology or regulation?

    5G technologies enable a key innovation that can drive rollout and adoption. The cost of deploying, however, mean that a slow spread of coverage can be expected – unless a more open regulatory environment can be created. Policy needs to be drafted to meet the needs of the real 5G users – businesses – so that rollout can be accelerated.

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  • 5G technology pervades CES 2018

    Last week’s CES 2018 event, which is held annually in Las Vegas, is one of the tech industry’s most important showcases, providing a pointer towards the technology trends that are set to define the year ahead.

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  • Cancelled digital projects cost UK businesses nearly £500,000 each

    Just under a half (42%) of all UK businesses have cancelled at least one digital transformation project, with each scrapped project costing on average nearly £500,000 – a significant cost burden for any company.

    While 41% have completed some digital projects and 79% are prepared to change their business models to meet customer demands, the high cost of failure is putting nearly three quarters (69%) of organisations off further digital transformation.

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