Telco Blockchain Forum 2019

SMS 2019

11 June 2019, Excel, London, UK

RMA's Guy Redmill will be moderating a panel in London in June 2019 at Telco Blockchain Forum.

10.20am Panel: Shaking up Service Chains – Blockchain’s effect on B2B Service Management

  • Blockchain’s power as a distributed transaction ledger has the potential to transform B2B interactions,
    helping to automate service & supply chain transactions.
  • But is this simply replacing today’s middle men with tomorrow’s Blockchain Providers?
  • What would a fully adopted Blockchain solution look like, and work best across a Telco?
    Moderator: Guy Redmill, Managing Director, Redmill Marketing Associates Federico Homberg,
    Head of Mobile Wholesale Business Development, Deutsche Telekom

If you are attending or travelling to the city, why not contact us to book a meeting?


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