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Marketing services for telecoms, technology, IoT and smart cities

Our expertise: marketing for telecoms & tech

Dedicated B2B marketing services for the telecoms and technology sector
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Our marketing expertise - telecoms, IoT and smart cities

Unrivalled expertise to accelerate growth

Helping businesses navigate change in complex and unique markets


We have more than 60 years’ combined experience in telecoms. We know the technologies that build networks, we understand the market drivers and dynamics – and we’ve helped our customers through every generation of mobile – from 2G to 5G.

We’re even getting ready for 6G. So, if you need help honing your message, reaching your customers, and enhancing your solutions, we’re ready to help.

IoT and smart cities

Our customers use data to develop innovative applications, connect remote devices and capture insights that drive IoT and Smart City evolution. We understand the changing landscape — from connectivity to advanced analytics and security — and can help you position your solution, refine your proposition, and get your message heard.

From working with leading independent IoT service providers to helping drive innovation in remote healthcare, we’ve got you covered.

Energy and advanced manufacturing

Cloud-based systems are changing energy management – for the better – giving organisations a birds-eye view of consumption, and unlocking opportunities for optimising costs and reducing their carbon footprints.

Over in the manufacturing sector, innovations in optical measurement are driving new levels of accuracy – and waste reduction. We’re helping companies that lead their fields deliver their message, through enhanced branding, advice, and improved content.

Innovation and consulting

We’ve always been about tech. Our experts work hand-in-hand with your product teams, CTOs and marketing department to tackle complex assignments – and understand your solutions and how they help solve customer problems.

Unlike other agencies, we really do understand the markets and sectors in which you operate – and the tech that’s crucial to your success. If you have an innovative B2B solution and just want advice, we can consult to help you find the right approach – and work with you for the long term.

What our clients say

“The Redmill team provided invaluable help with brand development and identity. They produce high-quality content for us and proactive campaign support. ”

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Robert Koldys

COO, Pamir LLC

Some of the technologies and projects we’re currently involved with...

We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly understand complex technologies and to make sense of our customers’ marketing challenges. Here are some of the areas we’re currently working in.

Active monitoring for end-to-end 
5G SA network assurance

Discovering real end-user performance behaviour based on synthetic UEs to gain accurate QoS and performance measurements.

Transport network automation and autonomous operations

Accelerating transformation towards fully autonomous, cloud-native networks across the transport domain for high-scale data traffic.

Cloud-based energy efficiency and management platforms

Understanding and controlling energy consumption and demand across the entire real-estate footprint, to reduce costs and boost sustainability.

Private Networks as a Service

Self-contained 4G and 5G networks, for temporary or permanent onshore or offshore deployment, managed from the cloud.

Maritime cellular and satellite connectivity

Supporting global cellular coverage — near to shore and at sea — with hybrid connectivity and seamless, secure service.

MVNO operations

OSS and BSS transformation for efficient service management and delivery, with differentiation to support any segment or offer.

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