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Website Refreshment - the future is Content Management

In our day to day engagement with clients, the single most common issue that comes up for debate is the company website. Often it's overlooked, neglected, difficult to access and update. Typically, there's an expectation that anything to do with the web has to be expensive and laborious so it's no surprise that, for many, it's a valuable marketing resource that's not being adequately exploited. We took the decision some months ago to offer a particular kind of web development service in response to what we were seeing.

Written by
Guy Redmill
Published on
22 Sep 2009

RCL now offers a complete website refreshment service using the latest Joomla! And Drupal Content Management Systems. CMS web architectures allow us to provide the latest, most modern looking websites to our clients at a fraction of the expected cost. The real value though is in the easy to use, intuitive administration environment which means that we can hand over the site to the client with minimal training and they can take control of their own sites, adding, removing and updating content at the click of a mouse.

For more information on our new website refreshment services visit the RCL site.

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