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Online CRM Par Excellence! Batchbook...

RCL had been searching for a reliable online CRM system suited to managing its growing contact base for some time. After a lengthy review of suppliers, we stumbled upon Batchbook. We signed up for a trial and have been so impressed with the solution that we thought we would share it with you. The nice people over there will not only provide you with a free month’s trial, but would like to extend the offer to two months for your readers! All you need to do is visit the site and sign up for a trial account with this promotional code:

Written by
Guy Redmill
Published on
1 Dec 2008

batchfriend – all lower case, no spaces.

By the way, we aren’t doing this for commission – they are neither paying us anything, nor did they seek our help. It’s because we genuinely believe this to be a winning service. We hope it proves to be of interest – part of our mission is to inform our readers and partners about services that we find compelling, and we receive no consideration for doing so.

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