Smart Energy World Summit 2018

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October 24 ‐ 25th in Milan, Italy

Managing Director Guy Redmill will be chairing key sessions, so why not book a meeting or contact us to secure a discounted pass ?

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  • Private Campus Networks represent an attractive opportunity for operators, but few are taking it

    Private Campus Networks are enjoying significant interest at the moment, as private LTE and 5G networks can now ensure guaranteed connectivity to support a wide range of applications and usage scenarios. According to analysts at Arthur D Little (ADL), for example, the global market size is predicted to be €60–70billion by 2025.

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  • Why the “what” of IoT will drive the “how” of network evolution.

    Until relatively recently, networks were built for a limited range of applications. Understanding new use cases will transform the way in which networks are shaped and optimised to support novel innovations from diverse sectors such as agriculture, industry and beyond. Innovations in agriculture, for example, could shape mobile network performance demands and deployments – the ecosystem needs to align the how and the what of data connectivity.

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  • Telenor makes it clear – IoT value is in the enterprise. Others should take note.

    Some of the hype around the IoT – including connected fridges, ovens and other outlandish applications – has in fact concealed some of the real progress and genuine value creation that has occurred in recent years. Telenor may be stating the obvious, but it’s time that attention switched from mundane applications and media-friendly use cases, and refocused on acknowledging the real progress that’s being made in industry and the enterprise.

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