Network X 2023

Network X 2023

26 October 2023, Paris

Network X is combining 5G WorldBroadband World Forum and the newly launched Telco Cloud to bring together fixed and mobile markets in one place, taking place in person this 24 - 26 October in Paris.

RMA Managing Director, Guy Redmill, will be chairing the panel, "5G Core as SaaS: Opportunities and Risks" at 16.45 on 26th. Don't miss it! Learn more here.

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Smart Energy World Summit 2023

14 -15 September 2023, Berlin

Going Beyond 5G – The Innovation Potential of the Emerging Campus Networks Ecosystem and Present Steps Towards 6G

FOKUS FUSECO Forum is back! We are happy to be joining our friends at Fraunhofer Focus and distinguished colleagues from all over the world to the 11th FOCUS FUSECO Forum in Berlin!

RMA Managing Director, Guy Redmill, will be chairing the panels, "Going beyond 5G: 5G+ Roadmaps, Trials and Experiences" at 9.30 on day 1, and "Where Is The 5G Business Case? Public vs. Enterprise 5G networks" at 14.30 on day 2. Don't miss it! Learn more here.

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