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Consumers apathetic about 5G. Are operators promoting the wrong message?

A recent survey of US consumers reveals that most do not really care about the upcoming wireless revolution that will be enabled by 5G, and have no idea that the technology is around the corner. The findings suggest that in the scramble to deploy this potentially exciting technology, operators may have lost sight of what their customers want, and they have obvious implications for UK and European operators too.

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The cat’s out of the bag – the telco oligopoly on QoS is over

Telcos have long defended their presumed unique right and ability to deliver QoS-enabled services, but at last the cat is out of the bag. OTT or alternative providers can do better, at least that’s the full and frank admission from speakers at the recent Voice and Advanced Communications Summit. Good. Let’s move on – now, what does this mean?

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Telcos and vendors see the introduction of 5G differently

A new report from Telecom TV this week surveyed CSPs/Telcos on the one hand, and Independent software vendors, Systems integrators and Network equipment (collectively termed ‘vendors’ in the report) on the other, to assess current opinions and differences in their views on 5G evolution and deployment.

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VoLTE and VoWiFi services growing rapidly – available globally.

According to new research by our friends at Hadden Telecoms, investment in VoLTE services continues to grow strongly in all regions around the world. The latest report reveals that VoLTE services are now available to users on 164 LTE or LTE-A networks and are commercially available in all regions.

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