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Technology marketing – why it is different to other kinds of marketing

There are some marketing practices which are universal and relevant to marketing for any industry, however when it comes to marketing for technology there are certain requirements that need to be taken in to account when developing a marketing strategy. Here, you will learn why technology marketing is different to other kinds of marketing and we will show how your company can will benefit from a marketeer that has a sound understanding of the industry.

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Marketing for technology – 5 things you should know

The technology industry can be highly competitive, and consumers increasingly expect technology companies to be innovative and exciting. At RMA, we specialise in marketing for technology so take a look what we believe to be 5 key things to know when developing a marketing plan for a technology product or service.

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Things to consider when choosing a B2B Marketing Automation platform

At some point in your marketing journey there will come a time when managing leads by spreadsheet is just no longer practical.

For B2B marketing, with its long lead times and complex sales cycles, being able to nurture your prospects, to maintain contact with them and manage your pipeline effectively is essential. In B2B marketing it can be many months from a prospect’s first contact with you until the point at which they’re ready to buy anything, so a solid marketing automation platform is a critical tool in helping to ensure that you’re in the frame when that time finally arrives.

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