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Connectivity will be key to managing and minimising COVID-19 in Africa

Africa is still to feel the full force of coronavirus, but it’s a ticking timebomb. At the time of writing, the continent now has 158,000 cases, with deaths from COVID-19 surpassing the 4,500 mark. But this has surged from around 30,000 cases and 1,00 deaths in late April, highlighting the need for rapid action. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) warns that Africa could see 10 million cases within the next three to six months.

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‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ – high-speed broadband and coronavirus

If ever there was a time to appreciate the value of high-speed broadband, it’s surely now. Millions of workers are operating from home in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown. On top of that, school closures mean that newly-remote workers are now competing against family members for that never-more precious capacity. Broadband connectivity has rarely been so important.

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