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‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ – high-speed broadband and coronavirus

If ever there was a time to appreciate the value of high-speed broadband, it’s surely now. Millions of workers are operating from home in the midst of the coronavirus lockdown. On top of that, school closures mean that newly-remote workers are now competing against family members for that never-more precious capacity. Broadband connectivity has rarely been so important.

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Climate change: My responsibility or yours?

Climate change was, of course, top of the agenda at last week’s World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland, with politicians, activists, entrepreneurs and scientists alike all lending their opinion on how to – and even whether we need to – save our beautiful planet. The on-going jousting between Donald Trump and green activist Greta Thunberg perfectly – and somewhat unpleasantly – reflecting the polarity of each argument.

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