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Is bad spelling harming your business?

Why? It's a simple case of credibility it seems. People are still less likely to trust online retailers and online businesses than they are traditional bricks and mortar companies. Underlying fears about fraud and safety persist in the online world and it seems nothing screams "scammer" more loudly than a badly spelt web page.

While most of our clients aren't online retailers, many of them don't have English as a first language and they all rely on their web presence to create a good first impression. They rely on our copywriting skills to know our "compliments" from "complements", how many c's and m's there are in accommodation (two of each if you're wondering) and whether or not it's appropriate to put an apostrophe after a single letter. It is, by the way...

Special Introductory Offer

There's a pedantic streak in the people at Redmill that drives our loved ones mad but makes for good copywriting. We're offering a special introductory rate of £250 to the first ten readers to contact us, so if you think your website and marketing collateral could benefit from a professional spelling and grammar overhaul;

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