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Google’s #farmerupdate – what have we learnt?

SEO forums (of the white and black hat variety) have been buzzing with conjecture for the last couple of weeks. Some are suggesting that Google is paying greater attention to metrics such as page formatting, uniqueness and quality of experience, others that it's more about link diversity and anchor text variation and distribution. Most likely it's a devilishly clever combination of all sorts of on and off page elements that the uninitiated can barely conceive of, let alone understand.

The truth is that we'll almost certainly never know for sure and as soon as the world gets close to the answer of what boxes to tick and buttons to push, Google will move the goalposts again (or change the game entirely). Yes, the world is at their mercy but it's what keeps us on our toes and what prevents the internet from entirely falling into the hands of the black-hatters.

So, in the absence of the Colonel's secret blend of herbs and spices, the old rules still apply. Fill your site with good quality original content in a simple, accessible structure, acquire your backlinks naturally through content marketing and genuine participation.