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Your facebook page is a corporate asset

Well, we're not talking about a 90s style URL goldrush here but we do have some timely advice on protecting your social media and online marketing assets.

1) Whether you intend to use it our not, make sure you stake your claim to your company name in every key channel and networking platform. Yes, it can be time consuming but you don't need someone faking obscenities on Twitter in your name or bookmarking inappropriate content on Digg to make you look bad. It happens, so invest a little time reserving as many profiles as you can. You could spend a week doing it so at least start with the obvious ones - Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin company profile, Stumbleupon, Digg, YouTube, Scribd and Slideshare.

2) Keep the log-in details and passwords. It sounds obvious but these things are easily lost so don't make it the responsibility of one person. Make a list of all the details you have and keep them safe and secure.

3) Set up an approval structure or only provide access to reliable trusted people.