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Case Studies: Success breeds success

The team at Redmill can help you with creating powerful case studies and then show you to use them to maximum effect - as a sales tool, a positioning statement or as great linkbait for your website.

There's a clear process we follow to ensure maximum impact from your customer testimonial...

Interview - The first step is for us to speak with the customer to get the story from their perspective. It's key to understand the challenge they faced and the difference you made.

Key message definition - This is where we boil the story down into its crucial components. Exactly what value did you add? Did you save the customer money? Did you help them make money? Did you solve a technical problem? Enable them to address new markets? What was the value to the customer?

The story - It's not just before and after. We try to tell the story in 5 stages - the challenge, the search, the discovery, the implementation and the result. We find that clearly signposting all the component stages really gives our clients the chance to shine.

The audience - It's important to write the content for different media. The level of detail in the online version of the case study is going to differ from the full-blown pdf.  We know you have to cater for this so we'll deliver a full downloadable version and an abridged signpost version for the site.

Release - This is where we ensure that the study performs for you. We'll show you how to optimise it for online performance, give you advice on how to get it out to the right media outlets and help you use it to create valuable inbound links to boost your website performance.

We can develop a compelling case study for around £750, so if you have a success story you'd like the world to know about - let us know.