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AI, Analytics and Automation: opportunities to improve customer engagement and network performance to be discussed at Telco AI World Summit 2020

AI, Analytics and Automation: opportunities to improve customer engagement and network performance to be discussed at Telco AI W

COVID-19 brought trade shows to an abrupt halt with even the mighty Mobile World Congress delayed from its usual February slot to June 2021. But across the world the disease also brought a deeper appreciation of how vital fast and reliable connectivity is in the 21st century.

Although AI has been widespread in the telco industry, most notably with voice-activated menu systems that respond to verbal commands, its full potential is unknown as yet.  However, we do know that AI will enable the automation of the design, build and maintenance of networks whilst reducing both CAPEX and OPEX.

At next month’s virtual Telco AI World Summit, speakers from the world’s biggest operators including Telenor, Verizon, BT, Turkcell and T-Mobile, will be taking part in panels, keynotes and presentations discussing and showcasing user case of AI as well as analytics and automation including:

  • How AI technology is transforming network operations
  • Data Visualisation vs Machine Learning
  • How organisational transformation can be achieved by using data analytics
  • New data monetisation and marketing strategies

Joining them is Industry Analyst and RMA Managing Director, Guy Redmill who will be both presenting and chairing:

On November 11 at 12:50 his presentation is titled:

Bringing AI into the standardisation fold with 6G and will cover:

  • AI integral to Network 2030 architecture that will form the basis of 6G
  • As such, it will be incorporated into the resulting 3GPP (and other) standards
  • This raises issues for privacy, data protection and data monetisation
  • Should AI be standardised, both from a practical and ethical level to support new 6G use cases

At 13:05 Guy will chair a Q&A session with Vodafone experts: Ciaran Horgan, Senior RAN Capacity and Optimisation Engineer at Vodafone and Stephen Dillon, Data Analytics and RAN Optimisation Engineer,

And at 14:45, Guy will be fielding more questions to Steven Ghoussain, Platform Integrity Lead, at Careem which was acquired by Uber and Ioannis Chochliouros, Head of Research Programs Section at OTE

For more information about Telco AI World Summit which takes place 10-11 November, please visit https://tmt.knect365.com/telco-ai-summit/

Operators and Enterprises can apply for a free pass to the summit worth £800 here. Dont miss your chance to book a meeting with RMA.