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Interview with Iskratel: 5G for industry - inside the smart factory

A consensus has emerged that the industrial sectors will present the greatest opportunity for telcos when it comes to monetising 5G. Within the multitude of sectors in which 5G is developing, manufacturing - specifically smart factories - has become particularly popular. Industry Analyst and RMA Managing Director, Guy Redmill, talks to Iskratel about emerging 5G use cases in the smart factory and the roles telcos are adopting.

Iskratel Sales Director, Kristijan Melinc, tells us how the company has equipped its production facility with a private campus network, enabling processes to be further optimised and allowing operations to scale. 5G is about flexibility. It's about reacting quickly and changing the network rapidly to address issues and avoid bottlenecks. Anything stakeholders can do to find these micro advantages is worth investing in - and 5G is the key.

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