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11th Annual Meeting of ACIST

11th Annual Meeting of ACIST. Our friends at Hansecom asked us to recommend a keynote speaker for the 11th annual meeting of Associação Comerciantes e Instaladores de Sistemas de Telecomunicações (ACIST) in Portugal. We were happy to oblige and, together with Norton Lokken from Gintel, we wrote this presentation.

It emerged from our research that Portugal has a very high proportion of enterprises that have less than 20 employees (93%!). This means that their IT and communications requirements are probably rather diverse and unlikely to be met by standard service offerings. This might explain why enterprise broadband adoption is relatively low (at least according to the figures we found). Stimulating the market with more flexible, easily customised solutions might go a long way to making broadband attractive to business users and growing penetration. This goes back to Mr Magaya’s comments – find out what the customer wants! Of course, the operators will need to be able to deliver a wide range of customisable services in a cost effective manner, but there are ways to do that!