WiFi Innovation at WIS Europe 2015

To some extent, this has led to a false debate – regarding competition between WiFi and cellular mobile data technologies. Indeed, there was tension within mobile operators some years ago regarding this apparent conflict (“the wicked stepmother” as one representative from a mobile operator told us in a recent interview).

The reality is completely different. As is now widely recognised, WiFi is a key enabler and complement to mobile technologies. There is no zero sum game, but rather a world of alternatives, which enable us to maximise our utility and capitalise on different modes of access to suit our convenience.

In this context, WiFi is becoming increasingly important as an enabler for mobile operators to provide extended and complementary connectivity. As a result the WiFi ecosystem is growing to accommodate classical mobile operators, as well as established providers of WiFi access services. Added to which we have a host of other stakeholders who see WiFi as part of the means to enable a growing range of other applications, such as for M2M and IoT devices.

WiFi is one of a range of tools that is available to deliver the connectivity we need to service both current and future applications. And, as we have discovered in our research and interviews, there’s a wealth of new use cases and value that will be unlocked from enhanced WiFi access solutions – and to ensure the user experience is maintained.

That’s why we’re delighted to be supporting the WiFi Innovation Summit series of events. The next takes place in Amsterdam from November 24th – 25th and we’ll be presenting as well as moderating several sessions. The event brings together representatives from key stakeholders from throughout the WiFi and mobile industries. We’re expecting to learn about new opportunities, hear the latest on unique research and uncover innovation from across the industry.

If you’d like to join us and learn more, you can take advantage of a special discount that we’ve arranged for our readers. Simply visit www.wifiinnovationsummit.com and use our special discount code (WISE15RMA) to secure a 20%* discount on the normal entry price.

**20% discount code applies to all rates excluding those already subject to a discount: long distance and government.

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