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Hyper voice – Providing an update on CEBP

In order to learn more, I decided to attend the pre-conference workshop delivered by Martin at this year’s event. Hyper voice is definitely a catchier title than CEBP but the initiative is more than that – focusing on real-time aspects and the creation of an integrated experience. It’s a great catchall title for the general goal of integrating communications features into enterprise applications.

Martin’s argument was that previous efforts have tended to be less dynamic and not real-time, with the result that there is a lack of context in communications that can usefully be added by incorporating meta data into real-time flows and relevant applications. Hyper voice, he suggested, is about blending context, real-time capabilities from voice and enterprise applications, and delivering an experience that provides a richer experience.

Thus, for example, we might have a conference call running through a CRM to which users can add notes, set flags and then, after the event, another user might review the recording but zero in on the notes or highlights inserted by others. That makes sense – it’s a useful capability. By providing context, we make voice more valuable to us. But it’s not really that new - NetDev did with this Base Camp several years ago and, in fact, we illustrated this case with some demonstrations at another pre-conference workshop.

What we had seen in the past was that many vendors offered such capabilities but they were relatively unknown and there was little recognition of such efforts. Perhaps the distinction that Martin seeks to make is valuable. Hyper voice sounds like a useful initiative and one that we shall follow. It seems to provide a vehicle for dynamic CEBP solutions to obtain better visibility and a unified movement that can create more awareness of what can be achieved.

What I really like though is that all the examples were focused on business use cases – either B2B or B2C. That’s excellent, although perhaps not unexpected if we focus on the meaning of the CEBP abbreviation. Bu, regardless, it’s about time that the industry recognised that there’s plenty of innovation around for operators to capitalise on, but the area that can make money and add value is in the enterprise, not in the consumer world.

If you want to learn more, you can do so here: http://www.hypervoice.org/