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RMA announced as media partner for #WebRTC Conference 2013, White Space Summit 2013, and #BYOD Forum 2013

The WebRTC conference will focus on the first real-world deployments of the technology and how key elements such as identity, quality of service, and regulation are affected.

The White Space Summit will highlight the potential effectiveness of using TV spectrum for telecommunications and how a new standard published by IEEE aims to provide secure high-speed communications to under-served and un-served communities.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an opportunity that enterprises are increasingly moving towards. The BYOD Forum will emphasise BYOD as a new opportunity for service providers and how, in recent years, the phenomenon has introduced numerous connected devices to the Internet.

We look forward to the lively debate that this series of events will bring and, having written extensively about these topics, to learning more about all the technical and standardisation issues that still need to be solved.