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Differentiation among Equals

While it's good to leverage industry trends, there's a risk in jumping onto such bandwagons. It was clear that vendors were using the same terms and slight variations on the same basic value proposition, even though their solutions were rather different. In such a context, how do you stand out and really draw your proposition to the attention of buyers? Do buyers really have time to drill down and work out what you offer?

In addition to using umbrella statements, you need to have clearly thought out and articulated positioning. Attractive and clear messaging should be based on:

• The problem you solve for your customers;

• The unique benefits of your approach / solution; and

• Established credibility and evidence to support your assertions.

Without such supporting elements to your proposition, there's a danger that you will be lost in the crowd. Buyers won't recognise what you offer and how it helps them create revenue or generate efficiencies. They won't understand how you can contribute to their success and goals.

That's why you need to go beyond industry trends and show precisely what you do, for whom and why. Messaging needs to support differentiation to enable you to attract attention. Simply using topical terms may be necessary but it is not sufficient on its own. You need to think clearly about your solution in the context of the market you are seeking to address.

We can help with this. We can work on exposing the real value that you offer and help you clearly articulate this in a meaningful way. Buyers should be instantly aware of what you offer and why it's relevant to their situation. It shouldn't require much thought. By reviewing and testing your proposition, we can help you stand out from your peers and ensure that potential customers understand exactly what you offer and why it should be of interest to them.