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Join us at Cloud-Net Summit, March 12-14

Our Strategy Director, Lorenza Brescia will be leading one of the "debating table" sessions during lunch on Day 1, considering the topic of "cloud service utilisation in the mobile environment by business".

Lorenza has been leading research into emerging cloud business models and communications and will be happy to share her insights and knowledge.

The event – focusing on network requirements to support carrier cloud opportunities – promises to be lively and packed with interesting presentations and debate.

Topics covered include:

  • Commercial initiatives by service providers to exploit the Carrier Cloud services market opportunity
  • Carrier Cloud requirements and the new network solutions they are driving - an end to end view including all key building blocks
  • Cloud technologies enabling dynamically allocated resources - Carrier Ethernet, IP/MPLS, OpenFlow and SDN
  • Cloud resource orchestration, provisioning and management
  • Cloud Core for performance - new Data Centre architectures
  • Cloud Interconnect for efficiency - supporting VM mobility
  • Cloud Access for ubiquity

There are free passes for operators, analysts and more, so why not join Lorenza and RMA and contribute to the debate?