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Kapsch, Openet and others show the way

In order for policy-based networks to really take off, network operators must think holistically – based on what they want to achieve (a personal set of rules and services for each customer) and the inputs / outputs they need to deliver this. Some vendors, like Kapsch and Openet seem to recognise this. Judging by TMW this year, more need to do so and to discuss the collaborative role they share in creating policy-driven networks.

The best thing since sliced bread? Well, that’s a bold claim. But, within the context of the telecoms industry, perhaps. What’s interesting about it is that policy is as much a philosophical approach as a set of tangible objects. You can’t touch it per se, but you can experience it and, if the network operators and vendors have their way, we may each be doing so in the not-to-distant future, whether we are aware of it or not. And then, perhaps, people will start to talk like the lovely Moll – of their personal policies.