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The surprising truth about your website

Most people focus their creative efforts on a few select pages on their website. For most of us, it's the home page and the products or services pages that take up all our time and effort. But stop and take a proper look at your Google Analytics statistics? Are these pages the most popular? Are they the most important?

The suprising truth is that they probably aren't your most important pages. In many websites, you'll actually see that the most important and best performing pages are the ones that you devote least attention to, the "About Us" and "Reference" pages. This tells us something very interesting about the habits and behaviour of our visitors. They already know what you do and they don't really want to read page after page of sales copy. What they are looking for is reassurance.

If your site is failing to perform it might be wise to divert some of your energy away from those product pages and focus more effort on the "trust-building" pages, the pages that tell your prospects who you are. It's these pages that time and again outperform simple "sales" pages as people bypass the marketing pitch and head straight for your credentials. They want to know who they are dealing with and why they should trust you.

So what can you do? If you don't have an "About us" page, then add one. Put in biographies of key members of staff and add customer references if you can. You'll be suprised by the difference this simple step can make to your website's performance.