5G Briefing Istanbul8-9 May 2018

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The 5G Briefing series differentiates itself from a crowded telecoms conference market by not only providing a comprehensive understanding of the future of mobile networks but also determining the business, economic and technical needs for 5G, its supporting technologies and spectrum needs. Download the post-show report to get the low-down on the highlights and key points from 5G Briefing Istanbul.

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  • Bathing in the goodness of what digital transformation’s really all about

    We all love the countryside. (Indeed, there’s good evidence that as humans, we really need to be out in it as much as possible—a need the Japanese call forest bathing.) But unless you really are in a completely wild part of the world, what you are often seeing, from England’s green and pleasant land to the Netherlands’ rich tapestry of dikes and polders, is a very carefully managed industrial landscape.

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  • If we made reuse our default, we might do a lot of good for the world—and our budgets

    You may be familiar with the concept of an urban heat island (UHI). If you’re not, if you live in a big city, especially a capital one, your inner thermostat certainly does.

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  • Using Nature’s Own Networks, Part 2: Europe and China want to connect us better physically. There’s no reason we can’t add a data layer on top to seal the deal

    In the first part of our discussion on the huge potential for canals, rivers and waterways to not just be pretty parts of our industrial pasts but also to play a vital role in our digital futures, we talked about Europe’s vision for TEN-T—a cornerstone of European transport policy since the Maastricht Treaty was signed in 1992, which has crystallised in the last decade into a multi-billion euro drive to build an effective, EU-wide and multimodal transport network across Europe.

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