Marketing Services for Telecoms and Technology

Specialists in telecoms and tech Redmill Marketing Associates

At Redmill Marketing Associates, we have the extensive marketing know-how you’d expect from a full service agency, but we’re specialists - we only do marketing for the telecoms and technology sectors. Focusing on what we know means we hit the ground running and deliver outsourced marketing services that really meet your needs.
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  • Marketing ProjectsHelp with projects and campaigns

    We're able to help out with a wide range of marketing projects from campaign design and implementation through to strategic reviews, brand design and workshops. We're a team of experienced, hands-on marcoms professionals, graphic design consultants and marketing copywriters, skilled in all aspects of the nuts and bolts of marketing.

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  • Outsourced MarketingYour marketing toolkit

    Have a team of industry specialists at your disposal, round the clock. You’ll get all the support you’d expect from a full service marketing agency along with deep understanding of the trends and issues of the telecoms and technology markets. We’ll be here to manage the day-to-day activity and deliver insight that adds value to your business.

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  • Web Design & BrandingBrands that drive results

    Words and pictures tell the story of your company. We’ve got that blend of market knowledge and creative flair that can turn your brand and web presence into something truly special. We specialise in creating fresh, vibrant, responsive websites that drive results and as a full service agency take care of the entire project, from wireframe to coding.

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Marketing for Telecoms and TechnologyOur Expertise

We are an experienced team of marketing professionals who have been involved in all aspects of the industry from SS7 to VoIP, Policy Control to Customer Experience Management, from 2G to LTE. Today we're helping our customers target new opportunities in 5G, the IoT and smart technology. When you work with us, you’ll be working with a team that understands your business.

We offer a complete suite of marketing services to help startups and growing companies in the telecoms, ICT and IoT domains. We help define strategy, messaging and value propositions, backed by all the capabilities needed to design and implement campaigns to reach your target market. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand what you do, so we can make an immediate impact.

See some recent work Our Portfolio

Our portfolio spans international and national markets, serving customers from around the world - ranging from startups to globally established businesses with operations in multiple countries. Take a look at some of our recent projects.

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  • Bathing in the goodness of what digital transformation’s really all about

    We all love the countryside. (Indeed, there’s good evidence that as humans, we really need to be out in it as much as possible—a need the Japanese call forest bathing.) But unless you really are in a completely wild part of the world, what you are often seeing, from England’s green and pleasant land to the Netherlands’ rich tapestry of dikes and polders, is a very carefully managed industrial landscape.

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  • If we made reuse our default, we might do a lot of good for the world—and our budgets

    You may be familiar with the concept of an urban heat island (UHI). If you’re not, if you live in a big city, especially a capital one, your inner thermostat certainly does.

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  • Using Nature’s Own Networks, Part 2: Europe and China want to connect us better physically. There’s no reason we can’t add a data layer on top to seal the deal

    In the first part of our discussion on the huge potential for canals, rivers and waterways to not just be pretty parts of our industrial pasts but also to play a vital role in our digital futures, we talked about Europe’s vision for TEN-T—a cornerstone of European transport policy since the Maastricht Treaty was signed in 1992, which has crystallised in the last decade into a multi-billion euro drive to build an effective, EU-wide and multimodal transport network across Europe.

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