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Newfield Wireless' innovative proposition: how to discover your wireless network

We had many briefings during the last edition of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Among a number of standout-solutions and ideas, we were particularly impressed by the value proposition of Newfield Wireless.

The company offers an innovative way to monitor wireless networks in real-time, enabling MNOs to pinpoint trouble spots and identify solutions to improve network performance. The software, called "Truecall", generates accurate maps that indicate cell overshooting and areas of interference; locate dropped or failed calls; and understand demand density in the network.

Obviously, a clear advantage is the ability of Service Providers that deploy this tool to improve subscribers' experience, thanks to the drill-down capability to monitor individual call and data events.

There are several aspects in the management of mobile networks that will benefit from this (so far) unique value proposition. First, the fact that Truecall will provide migration and support for LTE networks that are emerging provides reassurance for the future to protect network investments and ROI. Secondly, being backward compatible with the current 3G standards, gives the ability to provide deep visibility in the network in order to generate RAN optimisation in cases where Circuit Switch Fallback (CSFB) is still needed. Finally, by providing the capability to generate reports on the key performance indicators of network elements and information by handset manufacturer equipment type.

Currently, Service Providers are struggling to reconcile the competing demands of investing for network innovation and the compelling need to save CAPEX and OPEX, due to revenue reduction arising from data usage. Any tool that can improve and optimise the behaviour of existing assets, by indicating, for example, which data customers are consuming the most bandwidth, or what foreign country code is called by the most subscribers in a particular region, is absolutely to be welcomed.

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